At Ambush Firearms, we recognize the traditions of the American family.  While some traditions span over many generations, some are just beginning.

At the turn of the century, tucked away in a corner of Marty Daniel’s garage door and fireplace company, Daniel Defense got its humble beginnings.  Specializing in parts and accessories for the AR platform, Daniel Defense witnessed substantial growth, and in 2009 was able to build its first complete rifle.

A decade and 47,000 square feet later, Marty Daniel founded Ambush Firearms as a way to fill a void and offer high-end rifles to the hunting community.  Many of the attributes that make an AR-15 great for home defense or sport shooting, carry over to the hunting.  In the beginning, that’s why we released our first rifle, the Ambush 6.8 SPCII.  Not only was it chambered in a round with plenty of knockdown power, it was lightweight, versatile had a shotgun-inspired foregrip to add a touch of familiarity, and was available in different finishes.  Today, Ambush Firearms is forging ahead to create Modern Sporting Rifles worthy of being handed down through the generations.

More than just a rifle manufacturer, Ambush Firearms is represented by its employees, whose hard work and expertise add character to each and every rifle.  Their spirit and determination helped to build a solid foundation on which we could grow, and ultimately become a household name.  In 2012, the company expanded across state lines and successfully began operation in a 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Ridgeland, South Carolina.

Whatever tradition means to you-family, friends and love for hunting or the outdoors- Ambush Firearms would like to be part of the experience.  A company built from the ground up by Marty Daniel, Ambush Firearms was founded on his love of God, Country, and building the best product possible; evident each and every time we engrave a rifle with the Ambush name.